A good products is a well-analyzed one! The strong point of IBSDesign within the industrial design is the knowledge of production technologies and the ability to adapt to them.

For the purposes of various industries we create concept designs adapted to the needs and expectations of the Clients.

We pay special attention not only to the esthetics of the products but also to their ergonomics, functionality and compliance with the applicable market trends.

Our experience and expertise allow ourselves and you to create the surrounding reality as a friendly, esthetic and functional environment.


Product development

We are experts in the line of product analysis and refreshment of its image. We create designs to support the visual identity of companies, products and brands. We also create new brands of existing companies.

Implementation of new products is a multi-stage process which requires huge efforts, knowledge, professionalism and involvement. Each stage of designing must be consistent and positively affect the entire product.

Owing to the knowledge and experience which we offer to you, we are capable of establishing a team which will guarantee achievement of the desired effect.