Our History

- Powstanie 3-osobowego biura projektowego
- Zmiana lokalizacji. Nowe biuro w biurowcu Dolnośląskiej Agencji Współpracy Gospodarczej
- 8-osobowy zespół konstruktorów
- Start produkcji konstrukcji stalowych oraz oprzyrządowania spawalniczego
- Powierzchnia hali: 400 m2
- 10-osobowy zespół konstruktorów
- 12-osobowy zespół produkcyjny
- Nowa hala w WPT: 800 m2
- Start działu obróbki CNC
- Production: 1,300 sq.m
- Design office: 200 sq.m
- Team of 45 professionals
- We possess ISO 9001:2015

What makes us stand out?

Many years of experience

Own design facilities

Work organisation

Quality and punctuality

Human resources

About Us

IBSDesign sp. z o.o. sp. k. is a service and manufacturing company, providing services in:
– designing and manufacturing machine and device components,
– providing complete manufacturing equipment,
– construction of robot cells and workstations and production lines (solutions from the industrial automation sector)

We design in the following systems: Solid Works, Solid Edge & Inventor

We possess ISO TUV Nord certificate

Knowledge of market specifics and many years of experience mean that we can approach each project individually and choose solutions tailored to your needs, which guarantees the highest quality during the entire process.

Our customers appreciate not only the high quality of our services, but also our qualified specialists, perfectly matched to the needs of specific projects. In every project we take part in, we pay special attention to the results of our efforts. We are committed to achieving only results that fully satisfy our customers.